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Walkways Do you want to enhance your home's entrance? Or are you tired of walking on wet grass or dirt to get into your home or walk around to your back yard?

AMC Pavers has the solution for you by covering your concrete walkway with thin Pavers. Or we can remove the concrete, grass or dirt and install thick pavers and design for you a welcoming entrance to your home.

You have an array of colors and patterns to choose from.

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Many properties have walkways that lead to and from the home and the garden areas around it. These walkways can be paved with a number of different materials. Since they are exposed to the elements, it is important to use tough and durable materials in their installation. AMC Pavers & Outdoor Designs can create the most alluring walkways for you.

Walkways We are expert landscape designers and understand how all the elements in a landscape work with each other. The walkways that we design and install will complement the design of your front yard as well as the porch and entrance to your home. There are a number of factors that we take into consideration while creating these paths for you.

In most cases, when we handle landscaping projects for our customers in Tampa, Palm Bay, Citrus and the surrounding areas, we also plan the walkways in a very detailed manner. We can also install well-designed walkways for existing landscapes. The aspects that we take into consideration are:

Types of Walkways

We can build curved, straight or meandering walkways for you. If the architecture of your home is very formal-looking or modernistic, a straight walkway will complement it better. On the other hand if you have a very classic or traditionally designed home or a cottage-style one, we might suggest that you opt for a curved walkway.

Most of the curved walkways that we design also have certain landscaping features that complement the design. We might add river pebbles, flowering plants and shrubs along their borders; all of which help in enhancing the look of the walkways. We also ensure that the design of the walkways is proportionate to the structure of your home, the garden or the yard that it has been installed in.

Different Materials

Walkways Certain walkways are covered with loose materials like fine granite, gravel and sand. We can also use pavers, stepping stones or concrete as the design demands. Some of these materials are highly durable and will last for years. If you want something more exotic and have a bigger budget, you can also use travertine stone or bluestone. If there is brick facing on the exterior walls of your home, we can also use brick pavers on the walkways. These have a very earthy note and look warm and inviting.

The Best Walkways

We recommend that the main walkway to your home be smooth-surfaced as this prevents slipping or tripping accidents. We make sure that the design also includes adequate lighting. You can line the path with lamp posts of your choice and well-trimmed shrubs look good too.

When you plan your front yard in great detail, it goes without saying that you should have walkways that complement it. This adds to the curb appeal of your property. It also acts as a break for the softscaping and makes the area look more well-balanced. If you need walkways designed and installed on your property, call AMC Pavers & Outdoor Designs on 352-610-4457 today.
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