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Outdoor Kitchens

Benefits of Customized Outdoor Kitchens
Whether it a new custom installation or a remodel, we use the highest-quality materials for your outdoor kitchen. There are many benefits to having a custom-designed outdoor kitchen:

Increased Value

Custom outdoor kitchens are popular home improvements, as they increase the property’s value. Potential buyers are almost always willing to pay a premium for homes with these outdoor hardscapes. Adding an outdoor kitchen helps place your property in a favored spot in the market. The outdoor kitchen’s design and the quality of the materials used will make a huge difference in the returns.

Entertainment Space

Well-designed outdoor kitchens are excellent places for entertaining friends and family. While the food is being prepared, everyone can gather around the barbeque grill. Most indoor kitchens don’t have the space required to provide this convenience.

Energy-Saving Addition

When you cook and grill in an outdoor kitchen, there is a lesser load on your air conditioning system. Baking, grilling, frying, and broiling indoors can increase the indoor temperature. Thus, a professionally designed outdoor kitchen can also help lower your utility bills. Cooking and serving outdoors also keeps all the mess outside your home.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Our experienced hardscape designers and architects can assist you in designing your outdoor kitchen. Our design to completion service will focus on matching your kitchen your landscape and home.

Basic Island Design

A basic island design is suited for occasional entertainment and smaller groups:

  • It is a smaller design, usually oval or rectangular in shape
  • It has a small area for food preparation and store supplies, a sink, and a grill
  • The eating space is mostly outside the island

L-Shaped Island

These islands get their name due to their L-shape.

  • The grill is mostly located on the smaller part of the L design of the island
  • The longer part has the food preparation area, sink, and the outer seating area

U-Shaped Center Island

This design is suited for a large outdoor kitchen.

  • The middle of the U shape has the grill, sink, and food preparation area
  • The seating is along the middle but on the outside
  • The cook is in the middle of the island

We can also create custom shapes and designs suited to your preferences and landscape. Whether you are going to use your outdoor kitchen occasionally or more frequently, we can help you make the right choice based on all the key factors.

AMC Pavers & Out Door Creations makes it possible to take your gourmet gathering to a whole new level. We bring your best indoor kitchen to your outdoor entertainment in high style with a custom cooking area built right in your back yard patio hardscape.

AMC Pavers & Out Door Creations can help design your custom outdoor cooking and entertainment area that best fits your home and budget.

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Outdoor kitchens have now become an inseparable part of outdoor living spaces. They are a great way of cooking & entertaining outdoors. The space that gets created around them also becomes an extension of your living room. The outdoor kitchen in your home can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be and is the best way of using the outdoor space on your property in an optimum manner.

Functionality and Allure

At AMC Pavers and Outdoor Creations, we have been designing and installing the most beautiful and functional outdoor kitchens throughout Clearwater, Palm Harbor and Tampa FL, for many years. Though a large number of our customers are already convinced about the benefits of outdoor kitchens, take a look at why people really want to have these in their homes:

  • Entertainment - One of the key benefits of having a functional outdoor kitchen in your home is that it immediately becomes an entertainment area. You can spend time with your family there and have open-air barbecues. You can invite friends over and make maximum use of these outdoor spaces

  • Value - Outdoor kitchens add a lot of value to your home and provide a very high return on investment. When we handle your project for you, we ensure that only the best materials are used. Highly-skilled personnel carry out the job to perfection and we also ensure that all your needs are taken into consideration while designing these spaces for

  • Cooking - Cooking outdoors has a number of advantages. The most important one is that all the smoke and fumes stay outdoors and the kitchen inside your home remains free of grime. You can also equip the outdoor kitchen as you need it, which facilitates cooking. You can make these outdoor kitchens as well-equipped as you want them to be and add grills, BBQ’s and cabinets. You can also add a bar and a refrigerator as required

  • Energy Saving - Cooking tends to generate a lot of heat and when you do this indoors it also increases your electricity bills. When you use your outdoor kitchen for cooking, you end up saving on energy bills

  • Extend Living Spaces - The addition of an outdoor kitchen automatically extends the living spaces in your home. It is a great way of bringing the freshness and airiness of the outdoors into your home. Your outdoor kitchen can be constructed under an existing patio. Alternatively, we can design it in a completely different space on your property.

Amazing Value - Add

No matter which way you look at it, having outdoor kitchens are a great value-add. They encourage you to spend more time outdoors and it also helps you enjoy these open spaces in your home in a much better way.

Let AMC Pavers and Outdoor Creations help you make your outdoor kitchen dreams come true. We will custom design these spaces for you and install them to perfection. Simply call us on 352-610-4457 and let us weave our magic for you.
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