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Paver Repairs

Paver Repairs Tampa, FL Pavers are commonly used for outdoor features because of their durability and aesthetic appeal. Top-quality pavers can last for decades when installed by certified paver installers. But since they are installed outdoors, they must be maintained on a regular basis. Wear and tear, harsh weather conditions, and contaminants will ruin the beauty of your paver amenities. In addition, damage to paver units is sometimes inevitable due to improper installation and heavy foot and vehicle traffic. If this happens, you need to perform paver repairs. You must act immediately to avoid possible accidents in the paved area. This could also result in injuries and legal problems if you are a business owner.

Paver repairs are technical tasks that must be handled by qualified people. Professionals can guarantee positive results and offer long-term solutions to your paver problems. And if you're residing in Florida, there's no other company to trust but AMC Pavers. Our company has decades of experience in maintaining pavements and other hardscape features and amenities. We always assure clients of excellently done repair jobs because of our systematic procedures and use of modern tools. Our past clients from Tampa, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Town N’ Country, Largo, Palmetto, Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, Osprey and Naples, FL can attest to the quality of our paver repair and maintenance services. You, too, can get our top-notch services by calling 352-610-4457 today.

Sealing Pavers

Sealing pavers should be part of the paver maintenance plan. The sealant is not only applied to enhance the beauty of your old paver features but also used to protect the paver surface. A well-sealed paver surface is protected from the harmful outdoor elements such as UV rays, stains, grime, moss, oil, and other contaminants. But this maintenance task must be done at the right time and frequency. Since it is usually applied after a paver repair and cleaning task, your contractors should be well-experienced in performing the sealing job. They should use top-quality sealers that are proven long-lasting. Leading brands offer up to 5 years of protection.

Paving Sand

Paver repairs usually involve replacing damaged or broken paver units. It may also entail reinstalling of paver pieces due to shifting or settling. The jointing sand is applied after the repair job and must be compacted to fill the gaps between each paver units. There are different types of paving sand but the most recommended type is polymeric sand. This sand type is coated with water-activated polymer that bonds together when you dampen it. The result is a tough filling material that can effectively preserve the beauty and integrity of the paver structure. The good thing about polymeric sand is that it creates a solid water-resistant surface.

Paver Restoration

Do you have outdated and damaged paver features in your home or commercial property? If yes, you need to call a trusted paver restoration company. It can restore the luster and beauty of your dull paver amenities without causing more damage to the structures. A comprehensive restoration job includes paver repairs, cleaning pavers, sealant application, and other related tasks that will help restore the condition of your old paver units. Your contractor knows the right restoration methods and techniques, so you can expect outstanding results.

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